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AGM 2018 

(Thanks go to Cerian for the minutes...

Well what a morning!  And what an amazing turnout....the photo does not do justice to the clapping, whooping and hollering for our 2017 event prize winners, Dave, Snowman and Full Moon Star recipients, and lets not forget, the Birthday Girl (and awesome cake baker....) Kate Goodman, who was thoroughly, um, 'overwhelmed' by the raucous singing. The premier Inn doesn't know how lucky it is to be party to such talent.
AGM AttendeesKate's cake
Credit goes to Andy Lane for a superbly chaired breakfast event, for reminding us what an amazing year 2017 was and that there are now more winter swimmers than previous summers! Insanity? clearly prevails but it became increasingly clear as the AGM went on, that this is all down to you, the members, for your bright ideas, enthusiasm and all round 'game' approach for getting involved.

Now then, best get a coffee, as this is a long email.....

This is of course, just a line in the sand, to continue the good work that has gone before to ensure the activities associated with HOWSC continue into the future, and although a committee may have been nominated, this is purely to provide support and anyone wishing to get involved is MOST welcome!

So to the content of the AGM 10th March 2018


HOWSC TRIP of the Season 2017
Scilly  Isles- Phil Cater
Copenhagen & Malmo        - Emma Gibbard
Durdle Door                        - Malcolm Burfitt winner

HOWSC EVENT of the Season 2017 - Winner Tony Baxter - Full Moon Swim

Nominations are:-
Solstice Swim                      - Rod Laird
Full Moon Night Swim     - Tony Baxter
Dancing on the Thames (Strictly Come Swimming )  - Rod Laird / Jeni Orme / Mark Reed
Christmas Dinner              - Laura Reineke

AWARDING of the Daves

HOWSC committee for the 2018 season.

The committee are confirmed as follows:-
Club Captain                Mark Plested
Ladies Captain             Jeni Orme
Mens Captain               Phil Cater
Secretary                      Cerian Mellor
Treasurer                     Hella Lipper
Webmaster                   Mark Reed
Chair                             Andy Lane

Plans for 2018

swims (there are many more suggestions and dates, but ideas to be circulated under separate message
* Swim the Arctic
* Thames Marathon
* Durdle Door again
* Birthday at the Lido

Hats and Kit
* Hats and Hoodie designs shared - see pictures below
* details to be emailed for sizes and orders once available

ID Bracelets
* Hella shared examples of the ID bracelets we can provide for the club
* details to be circulated for orders & numbers with the Hoodies

Future Ideas

Tammy is offering to arrange a video of shoulder exercises around shoulder injuries - details of this will be subject to future emails, looking for models, musicians and recording/lighting specialists :-)

Big Birthday celebration at the Reading Lido - for those who bought Advent Vouchers, and those who may wish to participate nonetheless, we will be picking a date later in the year to have an event at Reading Lido to celebrate Jenny and Carol reaching 21 again + VAT....!

Wycombe Lido - we are looking at feasibility of using Wycombe Lido for some training, for those who want to grow in confidence and ability!

Xmas Card - well it was a smashing photo wasn't it! if you haven't seen it, check out the facebook page. Nonetheless.....the snowflake drone shot was a casualty of the cold weather and intentions are to do a somewhat warmer version this year for you to have ready to send your loved ones later in the year.

Happy Henley - more details to follow from our Laura about this Henley event where we look to 'pay back' gifts of kindness, namely by handing out hats that have been donated and a free swim.

Author Talks - more details of an event (maybe more) to listen to an author discussing things such as 'Tide Talks'

Sport Relief - thoughts toward getting involved in a good cause, more thoughts to come.

Monthly Newsletter - an idea from the AGM was to perhaps consider a monthly newsletter for members as a reminder of upcoming events and events ongoing

Swim Spots - talk on the floor was also around varying our swim spots. Checkout Marks webpage to see some ideas ready for debate when the river warms up!

The Gear!

Enquiries about hoodies will be sent out under separate email


And below - thanks to Selkie for their generous sponsorship of the 2018 Members cap, available with membership, which will be opened in April for the coming year.


Safety First! [order deadline 15th April 2018...read on]

Safety Band
Whilst we still have further 'right-sized' safety matters to consider, it is recognised that we currently do not hold any information on swimmers in case of emergency.

We of course hope that the worst case will never happen when we would need to contact an ICE [Incase of Emergency] number, but just in case....
If you do not already have something similar, our super treasurer has negotiated a great deal from the ID Band company. You can of course use these bands for any sport, but we strongly encourage every swimmer to wear one of these or similar, when swimming with us.

Members  9.30
Non-Members  13.95

What to include? Hellas' band shows
1st line: name
2nd line: ICE followed husbands mobile number
3rd line: information about allergies

Technical Details
* Silicone band including a brushed stainless steel ID plate.
* 3 lines can be engraved with each 20 characters including spaces
* Available Sizes:
- Small 6.3 inch (160mm) - child
- Medium 7.1 inch (180mm) - small adult.
- Large 7.9 inch (202mm) - adult.
- Extra Large 8.25 inch (210mm) - extra large.
* Colours available: red, purple, pink, green, blue, black, yellow, orange

If you are interested to get an ICE bracelet please email the following information to  hellalipper@gmail.com 
Name, Size and colour you would like, information which should be engraved
As we want to place a bulk order, please ensure you email all information to Hella by the 15th of April.

And finally, some practicalities
Data Protection laws are coming into force in May 2018, as many of you may know. All future communications will include a short sub-note to this end, and following advice we will also be including a request for you to confirm your acceptance of your emails being held for the purposes of club administration.

Once again, apologies for multiple emails reaching your inbox this evening due to administrative error in compiling from multiple information sources!!!
I do hope I've captured the discussions, but I'm sure there will be more to come!
Happy Swimming Folks and have a good week and don't forget to let Hella know if you would like to order an ID band!

AS YOU'RE HERE: The HOWSC website is maintained and run by HOWSC members and relies on voluntary contribtutions.  Do you have something you'd like to share?  Maybe reflections on a recent swim, tales of adventures in far flung places, an account of your watery accomplishments? Photographs, videos, poetry, prose, art and more will all be gratefully received and published on the website for all to admire.  Contact Mark Reed to discuss or submit your contribution.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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