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Denham Lake
There are a number of lakes for open water swimming that are within an hour’s drive of Henley/Marlow. Here’s the first review by Charlotte Reisch.

Denham Lake, North Orbital Road, Denham, Buckinghamshire  B9 5HE http://www.denhamwaterski.com/swim/swim.html

Denham Lake Picture

Denham Lake in Denham, Buckinghamshire is normally used for water skiing. However, the owner has opened the lake for open water swimming costing 5 a session.

With a swimming circuit of 1000 meters, the lake is open from early May until late October/beginning of November depending on the number of swimmers that turn up. The swimming days get gradually reduced until there’s only one day left – mostly a Saturday morning. The opening days are normally Monday/Thursday evenings and Wednesday/Saturday mornings.

Lately, the lake was also open on a Sunday depending on the interest from swimmers. The lake is used by Hillingdon Triathlon Club for open water training.

The area surrounding the lake is a nature reserve and well kept. The shower facilities are basic but good and a small sauna is also available upon request.

There is a bar/coffee area which serves bacon rolls on a Saturday and Sunday and during the summer a barbeque is available on Monday evenings.

Please see http://www.denhamwaterski.com/swim/swim.html for more details or phone 01895 820 007

No open water swim is perfect without a good cup of coffee and a ham sandwich. I started outdoor swimming proper in 2010. Went with friends for a Thames swim and was hooked. In 2013 I had a bet with a friend that I would swim all during the winter without a wetsuit, only in my cossie, hat and goggles. The bet was on and I have not looked back ever since. I still use my wetsuit for longer swims. I don’t like overheated indoor pools very much; happiest when swimming outdoors. I like swimming in unheated lidos (Parliament Hill Lido is my favourite), the River Thames, lakes, the sea and the River Dart. I find river swimming very relaxing ; the tranquillity of the Thames is unbeatable. The Thames has that ‘special something’ that does it for me every time. And, of course, one can drink coffee and eat cake with fellow swimmers. A win every time!

Charlotte Reisch - Queen of Coffee and Queen of Slow .

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