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Myles at Medmenham
Top Tips from the Club Captain, Mark Plested.
1) Balance In The Water
Without this you won't be able to swim efficiently.  For instance, dragging legs at an angle.  Imagine swimming in a pipe.
2) Don't Windmill
This is one of the most common mistakes. Use a drill called 'catch up' to help get rid of it.  Don't let one hand move until the other one gets to the wrist.  (YouTube Video - Catch Up Drill)
3) Don't cross your arms in the recovery
Again, this is another common problem. Keep each arm in a straight line in front of you pointing forward and shoulder length apart.  
4) Hand Entry
Forget the thumb in first rule.  Keep your wrist flexible and enter with your fingers first as if putting your hand down the back of the sofa. Keep it going to about 30-45, not straight forward as this causes a lot of shoulder problems. Plus your hand will be in a much better place for the start of the catch.
5) The Catch
Keep the palm of your hand facing the back wall all the.  Don't do the 's' in the catch, you don't need to.  Just have a slight bend in your elbow and pull straight back.
6) Don't practice bad.
If you're doing drills and you start to feel they're not right then stop, refocus, and start again. Don't keep plodding away.
7) Hips. We all have them. Use them!
On each stroke as you start to rotate drive your top hip down and use the body movement to drive you forwards (engage your core) and repeat on the other side. This can be the engine room of your swimming.
8) Most of all.... ENJOY!!

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