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Tammy Ode to HOWSC
Ode to HOWSC 2017.

“Henley Open Water” is a Swimming Club with guts.
We swim in sun. We swim in snow. No “if’”s. No “why”s. No “but”s.

We mostly swim within the Thames, a winding stretch of river.
We plunge right in. Week in. Week out. And then we stand and shiver.

Of all the folk who come each week, to jump into the Thames,
We have the slow and speedy ones, but all are total gems.

Some prefer to jump right in and plunge deep in the river.
Others like to take their time, to pfaff around and dither.

We like the sun, the warmth the feel. We like the rain as well.
But most of all we love it when it’s really cold as hell!

The chilly temp., the frosty ground, the screams of certain members,
Ensure we all laugh long and loud but never any tempers!

Our hands are blue, our bodies pink, our feet too numb to walk.
Our mouths are frozen to the point, it’s difficult to talk.

The race is on, swim to the edge, climb out and up the banks
Find car keys, robes, and toasty clothes before that core temp. tanks!

At last we’re dry, clothes on, wet off. Cozzies stuck to the road?
We sup our flasks of all stuff hot, then snaffle our carbo. load.

The group then chats, in gloves and hats with bluish-coloured fingers.
Then gradually some folks disperse while others tend to linger.

That fizzy skin, that silly grin, the buzz of happy folk
Make all the early morning starts So fab, So fun, No joke!

Try it!

Tammy Hirst

AS YOU'RE HERE: The HOWSC website is maintained and run by HOWSC members and relies on voluntary contribtutions.  Do you have something you'd like to share?  Maybe reflections on a recent swim, tales of adventures in far flung places, an account of your watery accomplishments? Photographs, videos, poetry, prose, art and more will all be gratefully received and published on the website for all to admire.  Contact Mark Reed to discuss or submit your contribution.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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