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Saturday morning river swim!

Dad's doing this open water swim club thing , well that’s what he keeps telling me…

So, he asked me if I wanted to come and take some pictures, I said you know what I will come not only to take pictures but I also just wanted to see if he actually got in the water and see if the other swimmers were mad hatters or not!

Dad woke me up at 6:00am so we could be ready to leave at  6:30.He made 2 cups of coffee before we left. As soon as we got outside it was pitch black and freezing cold, why am i doing this??  When we got to the meeting point there seemed to be so many people there I couldn’t believe it, are all these people mad are they all going to get into the cold river???

After everyone met up at the meeting point then they went back to their cars to get changed,when I say ‘got changed’ I mean everybody wore swimming costumes, boots, gloves and hats, where were the wetsuits? These people really must be mad!

When everyone was ready they began to walk through the frosty fields along the river bank  to the spot where they decided was a good place to get in. While they all walked through the fields I took some photos of them. I also took group photos of everyone.

The time had come they had to get in, the noise volume had increased a lot. Suddenly I heard a huge scream, it was Rod, the loudest one there; it may have been a scream but it may have been a few naughty words, who knows!! Now everyone started to take their coats off, Jenni was the first in followed by everyone else including dad, I was amazed, he did actually get in!!! As loud as it was on the bank of the river it was even louder when they were all in the river you wouldn’t believe the noise! Once everyone took off I noticed Malcolm was still at the start, i think he was getting used to the cold ‘maybe he should've worn a wetsuit!’

They all ‘Swooshed’ down the river, the current was making the river flow really fast!! I started to walk back down the path to the meeting point, I almost had to run because everyone was going so fast in the river.

Everyone started to get out but they all looked really red and cold! I tried to take some more pictures as they got out to get changed,  then dad got out, he was stood in front of  me, he was looking really cold then I realised I was still wearing his thick coat!! I thought I better give it back to him otherwise he would get even colder. Dad said that it was warmer in the river than out but I didn’t believe him! Who would?

Everyone went to breakfast after the swim!  Why didn’t dad tell me about breakfast, I would have come, hopefully I can come next time!!

 It was really fun watching everyone in the river! But I think I will leave it until the spring time to join everyone and actually see if it is cold or not!

Maybe I will do some synchro in the river some time also I will try and bring a friend to do it with me as well!

Thanks for reading my story about your morning swim.

Zara W.

Some of Zara's photos...
Group Malcolm

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